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The World’s First Platform Decentralized Islamic Capital Market Built On Blockchain Technology

Who We Are

A full-scale platform for tokenizing Islmaic Sharia Sukuk, shares, fund and other securities, providing decentralized trade interface, different tools, “one click” tokenization mechanism, multilevel security system. Og Chain simplifies the trading of securities and makes it more flexible and secure for all parties: investors, brokers and issuers



The autonomous simplicity to sign-up customer to STEP Platform with Verification on the customer identity (KYC) and compliance (AML/CFT/PEP) with a background check on customer data, Credit history check and Sharia compliant for issuer setc. to avoid potential risks before customer perform transactions.


The digital representation of a real-life financial instrument (Sukuk (Bond)) that is uploaded (document proof) by investor holder to STEP Platform as doc-keeping.


In addition to the digital representation of the financial instrument (Sukuk (bond)) within the system, it is also been converted to a non-fungible tokens ready to trade within STEP Marketplace.


Once financial instrument is listed for trade, investor can buy in case of secondary market or bid during purchase period for primary market, and best offer will win partially or in full as placed by holder. This mechanism is automatically executed by a smart contract between seller & buyer.

Ownership Management

Upon closure of the trading by the inbuilt smart contract, the full/part of financial instrument (Sukuk (bond)) ownership will move from previous holder to new investor to become the new owner and update the registry within STEP Platform.


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