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A Diversified Ecosystem Of Customized Payment SolutionsCustomized Payment Solutions

About Us

As we rapidly move closer to complete cashless transactions, the ability to manage payments through easy-to-use and innovative gateways is key for businesses of all sizes, to thrive in today’s digital and cashless economy.

That’s why we introduce OG Business, a diversified ecosystem of customized payment solutions, that can help your organization operate seamlessly, securely, and efficiently.

Our Services


QR codes

Generated static and dynamic QR codes that enable your business to receive digital payments without Point-of-Sale devices.


Payment Links

Static and dynamic payment links to serve work-in and remote customers.


Payment Gateway

“Checkout” by OG business, which provides payment gateways for e-commerce and online sales channels.


Multicurrency Processing System

Multicurrency processing system which opens your ecommerce business to regional and global markets by accepting multiple currencies.


Income Channel

New income channel by reselling highly demanded digital goods.


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