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OneĀ GlobalĀ Agreement

Payment Transaction Disclaimer:
  1. I acknowledge that I have the legal capacity to do payment transaction herein, and has verified my payment transaction details before submitting it at Og Business App/Web.
  2. I undertake that I am the lawful owner of the money being paid to the beneficiary (Og Business Marchant/client) and have the capacity and authority to execute this payment transaction. I also undertake that I have full and complete knowledge of the beneficiary (Og Business Marchant/client) and that money is being paid for lawful purposes.
  3. I understand and acknowledge that this payment transaction be paid for the beneficiary (Og Business Marchant/client) for whatsoever reasons through One Global Service for General Trading Co. (Herein referred to as Og Business), and for any refund request of paid money or claim will be only through the beneficiary (Og Business Marchant/client) directly without any liability on Og Business.
  4. I acknowledge that I indemnify Og Business against any liability arising out of the payment transaction for whatsoever reason, Og Business will not be held responsible for any money being paid to the beneficiary for any reasons.
  5. Og Business is not responsible for any collected Charges levied by any third-party, bank, or the beneficiary.
  6. I hereby undertake that any online payment will be paid for by my own Debit Card or/and Credit Card and Account Number. I shall not share these details to any third party and Og Business shall not be held responsible in any manner of my paid payment transaction.
  7. For KFast Services
    • I understand and acknowledge that using KFast services with Og Business will be applied with all other og products & services.
    • KFast Terms and Conditions subject to K-net Terms and conditions for KFast services