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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Organizational Wellness Survey ?

The Organizational Wellness Survey is an assessment that encompasses many different areas of personal and organizational wellness. The main purpose of the survey is to capture information that may be impacting the wellness of the whole organization and provide areas of focus to help your company enhance your personal workplace experience.
Over the years, many surveys have been created to help people and organizations understand the information being captured and how it relates to scientific and research parameters. The Organizational Wellness Survey has used best practices by incorporating questions which have been scientifically, socially and medically validated to accurately help to identify areas of concern and risk.

Why Should I Participate?

Your company recognizes that you are its most valuable asset. Participating in the Organizational Wellness Survey will provide valuable insights that will allow your organization to focus on what will really make a difference for you. All information provided to your company is in aggregate and no personal information is provided to your company.  Your responses are completely confidential.

The Organizational Wellness Survey  also offers tracking capabilities allowing your organization to benchmark and track company results year over year.

How Do I Participate?

Participation is simple and requires only 15 minutes of your time. Please install the Og Health application in your smartphone and register with your Mobile, Email address and Password.

  • Make sure you use the same mobile number you provided to your organization, this will allow you to receive a notification via SMS with the link to download the Og Health App.
  • If your number is already registered with Og Health or any One Global products, then you will get notification in your Og Health App’s notification center.
  • Open your Og Health app and go to the Wellness survey icon, you can find the survey open for you to participate as it scheduled.

Are My Answers Confidential?

All your personal information, answers and results are completely confidential and never shared. When providing your organization with survey results, only anonymous, aggregated data is used.